Kingston Lodge No. 676, A. F. & A. M.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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09/22/2009:  Our stated meeting was preceded by a spaghetti dinner.  Attendance was a bit low, but we all had a good time.  Lodge was opened by WM Cliff Weaver at 7:30.  We had an interesting discussion of the recently completed Grand Lodge Communication.  We also approved the petition of a candidate to receive the degrees of Masonry.  So we have more degree work to perform.  It was reported that Brother Mick Stockwell had completed the EA Enlightenment Course.  His degree will be held on 9/23 in Marion, when Kingston and Marion Lodge No. 6 will again do joint degree work.  We also discussed the upcoming election night meeting of 11/24, which will include an oyster stew and chili dinner, to which the ladies will be invited.  Plans for a Christmas party were also discussed.   The WM will make plans and let us know about them later.

9/25/2009:   Kingston was well represented in Marion for the two FC degrees, one for Brother Mick Stockwell (Kingston) and one for Brother Chris Flynn (Marion).  The cast for the degrees will be posted as soon as they are sent to the webmaster by Marion's secretary.

9/28/09:  Kingston hosted 22 brethren for the first meeting of the Blazing Star ritual study group.  The work was on the EA Degree.  A good time was had by all.  The event was followed by sandwiches and chips in the dining area.

10//19/09:  Kingston and Marion Lodge No. 6 finished this episode of their joint degree work by raising Brothers Chris Flynn and Mick Stockwell to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason.  Marion Lodge was opened on the 3rd Degree at 5:00 by a mixed corps of officers.  The first section was then conferred on Brother Flynn by the following cast:  WM: Mike Mosely, SW: Don Mosier, JW: Steve Elliott, SD: Elmer Hartgrave, JD: James Kubalek, SS: Kyle Martin, JS: Kenney Petersen, Tyler:  Rick Bowersox, and Chaplain: Norm Hammond.  The first section was then conferred on Brother Stockwell by:  WM: Don Mosier, SW: Mike Mosely, JW: Steve Elliott, SD: Elmer Hartgrave, JD: James Kubalek, SS: Don Stamy, JS: Kenney Petersen, Tyler:  Rick Bowersox, and Chaplain: Norm Hammond. 

Marion Lodge was then called from Labor to Refreshment by Brother Mosier.  A fine meal of Third Degree Chicken (first fried, then baked, then roasted), parsley potatoes, and bread was enjoyed by all.  Following a brief social time, Lodge was called from Refreshment to Labor by Brother Mosier.  The second section was then conferred on Brother Stockwell by:  KS:  Don Mosier, SGW: Don Stamy, JGW: James Kubalek, SD: Steve Nielsen, JD: Mike Mosely, SS: Dennis Herren, JS: Cliff Weaver, GndChap: Norm Hammond, GSec: Rick Bowersox, SC: Kenney Petersen, WFM: Cliff Weaver, 1R: Tom Bowersox, 2R: John Larison, 3R: Paul Nielsen, 1C: Maury Barnes, 2C: Bob King, 3C: Elmer Hartgrave.   The second section was then conferred on Brother Stockwell by:  KS:  Don Stamy, SGW: Don Mosier, JGW: Gary Smith, SD: Maury Barnes, JD: Mike Mosely, SS: Dennis Herren, JS: Cliff Weaver, GndChap: Norm Hammond, GSec: Rick Bowersox, SC: Kenney Petersen, WFM: Cliff Weaver, 1R: TJohn Larison, 2R: Tom Bowersox, 3R: Paul Nielsen, 1C: Steve Nielsen, 2C: Bob King, 3C: Elmer Hartgrave.   The Charge was then given to both new Master Masons by Brother Rick Bowersox.

Both Brothers were presented with Masonic Bibles by Brother Mike Mosely, and a 2009-2010 Grand Master's pin by Rick Bowersox.  Following comments and announcements, Lodge was closed with the brothers then in their places and stations.


08/25/2009:  This was quite a night.  We had a stated meeting.  We had 21 Masons in attendance.  We had a dinner.  We read a petition.  Oh yeah, we did three, that's right, THREE, Entered Apprentice Degrees.  So how did this all come about?

Well, the stated meeting is pretty standard. It was the night for that, after all.  But we had previously decided to hold an EA Degree along with that.  But Don Mosier got to talking with Rick Bowersox from Marion No. 6.  He indicated that Marion had an EA degree to do as well and had though about doing it the same night.  They decided to tell their respective WMs that they needed to combine the functions, which they did with positive results.  Then it turned out that Marion actually had two candidates.  So that made a total of three.

We opened Kingston Lodge at about 5:20 PM, with the following officers in the places and stations: (Some were from Kingston and some from Marion.  I will not distinguish here.)  WM: Don Mosier, SW: Jim Arnold, JW: Kenny Petersen, SD: Tom Bowersox, JD: George Zinser, Tyler: Rick Bowersox, Treas: Fred Madison, Sec: Randy Cejka. 

We then did the first section of the degree on Marion's candidate Chris Flynn.  Officers were:  WM: Rick Bowersox, SW: Jim Arnold, JW: Ken Petersen, Tr: Fred Madison, Sec: Randy Cejka, Chap: Jim Arnold, SD: Tom Bowersox, JD: George Zinser, SS: Don Mosier, JS: Randy Chapman, and Tyler Dale Roberge.

Following this work, the officers called to refreshment, and all enjoyed a dinner of hot roast beef sandwiches, mashed potatoes, gravy, and chocolate chip cookies.  After everyone was stuffed sufficiently, labor was resumed on the 1st Degree.  The first section was then conferred on Kingston's candidate, Mick Stockwell.  Officers for this section were:  WM: Don Mosier, SW: Dale Roberge, JW: James Kubalek, Tr: Fred Madison, Sec: Randy Cejka, Chap Bill Krueger, SD: Jim Arnold, JD: Cliff Weaver, SS: Rick Bowersox, JS: Randy Chapman, Ty: Doug Heath. 

There was then a cast change, and the first section was conferred on Marion's second candidate, Brad Bowser.  Officers were:  WM: Tom Bowersox, SW: Dale Roberge, JW: James Kubalek, Tr: Fred Madison, Sec: Randy Cejka, Chap: Bill Krueger, SD: Jim Arnold, JD: Cliff Weaver, SS: RIck Bowersox, JS: Randy Chapman, Ty: Doug Heath.   These same officers then stayed in place while the second section was conferred on all three candidates.  Don Mosier and Rick Bowersox exemplified the Explanatory Lecture.  Rick Bowersox performed the Charge.  The officers then called to refreshment for the purpose of taking pictures and opening Lodge on the MM Degree.  Pictures were taken (see below).  It was also determined to attempt to have the second degree on at least two of the candidates at Marion on September 23.

After the candidates retired, Lodge was declared open on the 3rd Degree.  A petition was read, with a committee appointed consisting of George Zinser, Don Mosier, and Randy Zinser.  Discussion of a possible "guys night out", the hosting of Blazing Star, and Grand Lodge were then held.  Lodge was then closed.

It was a long night.  But it was great to have a total of 21 brothers in attendance.  It was also great to see the brothers from two Lodges working together for a common purpose, and having a boatload of fun doing it.

Group Picture

The Three Candidates (Brad, Mick, and Chris)

7/28/09:  Kingston Lodge held their stated meeting at 7:30.  The crowd was small but enthusiastic.  Prior to the meeting, we enjoyed a dinner of chili dogs, plain fare, but such as brothers will occasionally enjoy.  We read and discussed the proposed legislation for Grand Lodge this coming September.  We also tentatively scheduled a family picnic for Sunday September 20, which is the day after the conclusion of Grand Lodge. So we can either celebrate the proper actions at Grand Lodge of complain about improper actions.  Either way, we will have a good time.  WM Cliff will get us more information at the next meeting.  We also discussed the desire to have a "guys night out" sometime soon.  Perhaps it will be the Roller Derby at the US Cellular Center, a.k.a. Five Seasons Center.  Stay tuned for more information about both of these.  We also have a candidate who has been approved to receive the degrees.  We decided that our next Stated Meeting on August 25 would be a good time for that, as long as it was acceptable for the candidate.  Brother James K. will check to see.  (Late news:  The Entered Apprentice Degree WILL be held on August 25.  So set your calendar and your alarm clock.  Be there or else [you will miss it].  If there is some part of the cast that you would like to fill, be sure to let Don Mosier know so he doesn't fill that part with someone else.)

6/23/09: Kingston hosted the 2nd Annual Cedar Rapids area Table Lodge.  We were joined by brethren from at least eight other Iowa Lodges.  Here is a page dedicated to the table lodge.  Needless to say, everyone had a really good time.  A big thank you to the wives and daughters who helped serve and clean up.

5/26/09: Kingston held their May stated meeting, as scheduled, at El Kahir Shrine.  The meeting was preceded by a meal consisting of hot barbecue pork sandwiches, baked beans, and chips.  WM Cliff Weaver opened Lodge at approximately 7:30.  Both of our two new Master Masons were in attendance.  Therefore, we took the opportunity to discuss the Ashlar Award with them.  By having returned to at least one meeting after their raising, and by signing the bylaws, they have already started working toward that award.  Brother Chapman has already started working on a degree part.  We balloted on a petition, with a clear ballot, so we have more degree work to do.

Brothers Weaver and Cejka reported on the Neighborhood Area Meeting they had recently attended.  These meetings are sponsored by the Grand Lodge Service Committee for the purpose of obtaining feedback from Lodges.   This year it included a series of roundtable discussions on topics such as mentoring and membership retention.  They reported that the meeting was very interesting and helpful for all.

Lodge was closed about 8:30.

5/15/09:  Kingston Lodge held a called meeting on Friday 5/15/09 for the purpose of conferring the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason on Brother Ron Lane.  This meeting was held at the downtown Masonic Temple, since the Shrine was occupied with preparations for a wedding.   Both Brother Lane's father and blood brother were on hand and participated in the degree.  Refreshments followed the degree.  The following cast members conferred the degree:

First Section:   WM: Steve Nelsen, SW: Larry Shears, JW: Cary Lane, Chap: Tim Anderson, SD: Elmer Hartgrave, JD:  C.J. Lane, SS: Don Mosier, JS: Rick Bowersox, Tyler: Cliff Weaver.

Second Section:   KS: Tim Anderson, SGW: Steve Nielsen, JGW: Cary Lane, GSec: Steve Nielsen, GCh: Rick Bowersox, SD: Elmer Hartgrave, JD: C.J. Lane, SS: Paul Nielsen, JS: Wendell Wanek, 1C: Don Mosier, 2C: Larry Shears, 3C: Rick Bowersox,   1R: Larry Shears, 2R: Steve Nielsen, 3R: Paul Nielsen, SC: Wendell Wanek, WFM: Wendell Wanek.  The Charge and the Third Section Lecture were given by Steve Nielsen.

Obviously, several brothers filled several cast positions.  But the work was well done and all had a good time.

4/28/09:  The evening started out with a fun meal consisting of tacos, chips, and cookies.  This was an early celebration of Cinco de Mayo.  Most everyone seemed to avoid the green vegetables.  I cannot imagine why.  Kingston Lodge was then opened in form on the 3rd degree for our stated meeting.  Officers were:  WM Cliff Weaver, SW Michael Zinser, JW Kenney Petersen, SD James Kubacheck, JD Don Mosier, Sec Randy Cejka, JS Randy Chapman, and Tyler Doug Heath.  A petition was read for a new candidate.  An investigating committee of Randy Cejka, Michael Zinser, and Kenney Petersen was appointed.  The ballot will be taken next month.  Don Mosier reported that Brother Randy Chapman had completed the proficiency requirements for his third degree.  Don Mosier presented an education program about the recently held Midwest Conference on Masonic Education held in Springfield Illinois.  The upcoming Table Lodge was discussed.  This will be a joint table lodge hosted by Kingston for all the brethren in the Cedar Rapids area on June 23.  WM Cliff agreed to write a letter of invitation to all the local Lodges, asking them each to provide one brother for presenting a toast.  Don Mosier volunteered to take the reservations.  It was also decided that we would cook the dinner ourselves, since several of our ladies had volunteered to serve the meal.  This event should prove to be very fun.   The Master Builder program and the Ashlar Award programs were discussed.  Brother Randy Chapman, our newest Master Mason is working on his Ashlar Award.  We also discussed the upcoming trip to the Newton Speedway, a DeMolay sponsored evening at the ballpark, and other items that could help us win the Lodge of the Year award.  We also agreed that we would do the 3rd Degree for Brother Ron Lane on June 15 if he was available.  Lodge was then closed in form, and many retired to the room of refreshments. 

3/30/09: Since this is only a week later, we'll call this an addendum to the last newsletter, rather than a new one.  Tonight was the Night of Re-obligation for all the Iowa Masons.   The Grand Master asked all Iowa Lodges to hold a special meeting tonight to celebrate Iowa Masonry.  All Iowa Masons were asked to wear their presentation leather apron and participate in a re-obligation ceremony.

In Cedar Rapids, the event was hosted by Crescent Lodge No. 25, the first Lodge in Cedar Rapids.  They were joined by brethren from Mt Hermon Lodge, Mizpah Lodge, Bruce Lodge, and Kingston Lodge, and three out-of-town visitors.  Following a really great meal and social time, Crescent Lodge was opened on the 3rd Degree by officers from each of the five Lodges.  The brethren then all gathered around the Altar and recited the special obligation provided by the Grand Master.  After the ceremony, the brethren discussed the purpose of the re-obligation ceremony, and what it meant to them.  Lodge was then closed by the same officers.  All in attendance said they had a really great time.  Those attending from Kingston were:  WM Cliff Weaver, SW Kenny Petersen, JW Michael Zinser, Tyler Doug Heath, Musician George Zinser, Don Mosier, and Randy Chapman.  Brother Randy was recognized as the youngest (most recently raised) Master Mason in attendance.  

3/24/09:  Wow, this was a long night.  But it was worth every minute.  A really big thank-you to all the visiting brothers who helped make it possible.

We got started about 6:30 when Kingston Lodge No. 676 was opened on  the Second Degree by the following officers: WM-Joe Mulinex, SW-Bill Crawford, JW-Cary Lane, SD-Elmer Hartgrave, JD-Cliff Weaver, SS-CJ Lane, JS-Tim Anderson,  and Tyler-Kenny Petersen.  This same group of officers then conferred the Fellowcrafts Degree on Brother Ron Lane.  (You will note that his father and blood brother were in the officer list.  The Middle Chamber Lecture was presented by Bill Crawford.  The Charge by Tim Anderson.  After going to refreshments, a light supper of sandwiches, chips, and cookies was enjoyed by all.

About 9:00, the Lodge was opened on the Third Degree by the following officers:  WM-Tim Anderson, SW-Bill Crawford, JW-Paul Nielsen, SD-Elmer Hartgrave, JD-Cliff Weaver, SS-Don Mosier, JS-Kenny Petersen, and Tyler-Doug Heath.  This group of officers then conferred the Master Mason Degree on Brother Randy Chapman.  The Second Section was conferred by:  KS-Don Mosier, SGW-Tim Anderson, JGW-Kenny Petersen, GSec-Bill Crawford, GChap-Bill Crawford, SD-Elmer Hartgrave,  JD-Cliff Weaver, SS-Michael Zinser, JS-Kenny Petersen, 1C-Steve Nielsen, 2C-Doug Heath, 3C-Maury Barnes, 1R-Joe Mulinix, 2R-Tim Anderson, 3R-Paul Nielsen, SC-Bill Crawford, WFM-Don Mosier.  The Charge was presented by Steve Nielsen.  Following the Degree, Brother Chapman was presented with his Leather Apron, a Masonic Bible, and a Grand Master's Pin.

WM Cliff Weaver then resumed his rightful place in the East, and presided during Kingston Lodges stated meeting.  Everyone was reminded about the Re-obligation Night on March 30.  Kingston will be joining the other Cedar Rapids Lodges at the downtown lodge room for a joint dinner and observation of the ceremony.  Seven brother indicated that they were going and had not already made reservations.  This reservation was sent in as a group.

We were pleased to have a visitor for all the activities of the evening, Brother Vann Campbell, a member of Lebanon Lodge No. 837, Frisco TX.  He was visiting relatives in Cedar Rapids and thought it would be good to visit a Lodge.  He hadn't counted on seeing two degrees as well.  It was interesting to visit with him and compare differences between Iowa and Texas ritual.

It was also good to have Brother George Zinser, our Organist, in Lodge.  Even though he actually has his home in Florida, he still thinks it is good to come back to Iowa and visit.  We are always happy to have him here.  (He didn't play any music for us, though.  I couldn't tell if he sang during the dirge.)

2/24/09:  This evening started with the consumption of copious quantities of roast pork, chips, and cookies.  The roast pork was left over from our Christmas party, and certainly had handled the two month storage in the freezer.  If possible, it was even better now than two months ago.  If you attended, you know what I mean.  If you missed, you really missed.

We then conferred the Fellowcraft Degree on Brother Randy Chapman, with the help of a great many brothers from other Lodges.  Thank you brothers for the help.  Kingston Lodge No. 676 was opened on the second degree with the following cast:  WM: Joe Naughton, SW: Maury Barnes, JW: Steve Nielson, SD: Elmer Hartgrave, JD: Cliff Weaver, SS: Paul Nielson, JS:  Kenny Petersen, and Tyler Dough Heath.  That same cast then conferred the first section of the second degree on Brother Randy Chapman.    For the second section, most of the officers remained the same, with the following exceptions:  WM:  Steve Nielson, JW: Elmer Hartgrave, SD: Don Mosier, Sec: Joe Buresh, Charge: Steve Nielson.  Following the degree, Brother Chapman expressed his thanks and gave a few other remarks about the degree.  A tentative date was set for his Master Masons degree of March 24.  That is the night of our next stated meeting, so please plan to attend and be a part of Brother Randy's special night.

Following the degree, the Lodge was closed on the FC Degree, and reopened on the MM Degree.  Several items of business were discussed, including approval of some special bills.  WM Weaver announced that we had received and he had accepted an invitation to participate with the other Cedar Rapids Lodges in a joint recognition of the Re-obligation Night on March 30.  So we will all gather at the Cedar Rapids Masonic Temple at 6:30 on March 30 for this historic occasion.  Dig through your closet, find you original presentation white leather apron, if you can, and bring it with you so it can be worn for your re-obligation.   Food will be provided afterwards.

February 12, 2009:  What a great night!  Our first Called Meeting of 2009 was for the purpose of conferring the Entered Apprentice Degree on Mr. Randal (Randy) Chapman.  Kingston new officers opened a Lodge of Entered Apprentices, and did a right fine job of it, too, considering that it was not only the first time opening in their new stations, but that they were doing it in a more difficult degree.    Officers in the stations and places were:  WM Cliff Weaver, SW Kenny Petersen, JW  Larry Shears Tr. Paul Nielson, Sec Tim Anderson,  SD Elmer Hartgrave,  JD Don Mosier, Tyler Randy Cejka.  The degree was conferred by the following:  WM Steve Nielson, SW Don Mosier, JW ???, Chap: Tim Anderson, SD Elmer Hartgrave, JD Cliff Weaver, SS Larry Shears, JS Kenny Petersen.  Tim Anderson performed the Apron Presentation.  The Explanatory Lecture was given by Steve Nielson and Larry Shears.  Don Mosier gave the Charge.  Following the degree, our new Brother Randy Chapman spoke briefly about his thoughts during the degree.  The Lodge was then closed in form.  All in all, it was a wonderful evening.  Many thanks to the visiting brethren who helped with the degree.  And we now have a new Mason in Kingston Lodge No. 676. That is Great!  Brother Randy's Fellowcraft Degree is planned for February 24, the night of out stated meeting.  If possible we will also have another Brother that night for his FC degree as well.  That way we can have them raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason prior to our Night of Reobligation on March 30. 


February 1, 2009:  Wow, it has been a cold winter so far.  Where's all the global warming when we need it. I guess it must all be stuck out in Southern California or somewhere.  Last year was quite a year for Kingston Lodge.  We were joined by several new members and had a Past Master reaffiliate.  We had one of our members serve the Grand Lodge of Iowa as Grand Master, another serve as Grand Chaplain, still another serve another term as Deputy Grand Secretary, and a fourth serve as Potentate of El Kahir Shrine.  With all the "Grand" goings on it's a wonder we got anything else done. But we did.  We sponsored a trip to the Iowa Corn 500 in Newton, and just generally had a really great year.

We elected some new officers in November.  Then we waited around until our January Stated Meeting to install them.  Of course, the weather didn't completely cooperate, so not everyone got installed.  But we had a good time anyway.  Don Mosier served as Installing Master and Secretary.  Tim Anderson served as Installing Marshal and Chaplain.  Cliff Weaver was installed into the Oriental Chair as Worshipful Master.  For a complete list of officers, refer to the Officers Page.   After the installation, we held a quick stated meeting, while the ladies and guests were breaking into the cake and ice cream. So we kept the meeting short so we wouldn't miss out on too much of the socializing.

In December, we held a family Christmas Party in conjunction with our Stated Meeting.  Worshipful Master Michael Zinser served as host for a potluck dinner.  We all ate too much, as planned.  We then had our annual gift exchange.  You know, the kind where people can steal the gifts of other folks, and generally act contrary to the Holiday Spirit, but have a lot of fun doing it.  Several gifts changed hands several times, to the amazement and amusement of all.  Our Lodge Musician, George Zinser, and his wife traveled all the way from Florida just to join us for this party.  That's what we claim anyway.  They claim they came to visit the grandkids, but we know better.

At the December meeting, we also elected Mr. Randal Chapman to receive the degrees of Ancient Craft Masonry.  He had attended the Christmas party as our guest, so he could get to meet the brothers and they could get to meet him.  His Entered Apprentice Degree is scheduled for February 12.  Please attend if you possibly can.

On March 30, we will hold a re-obligation night as Grand Master Butler has requested.  Dig into your closet, find that presentation White Leather Apron you were given after your Third Degree, and join us for this solemn reminder of what we, as Masons, have promised to do for ourselves and our brethren.  It will be a memorable occasion.

Remember, we have a meal of some kind at 6:30 prior to every Stated Meeting.  So if you can come early, do so and join us for a bite to eat.